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Swimming Goggles

Swim Goggles 

Discover our swim goggles designed for ultimate comfort and performance. Choose a style according to your preferences from our different models and designs: clear or mirrored lenses, wide or thin lenses, one-piece frame or adjustable nose bridges, etc.

If you want to avoid having sore eyes after going to the swimming pool or swimming in salty water, a proper swimming goggles will be an essential piece of your swim kit. In Turbo, we have a wide variety of swim goggles for any type of user: kids and adults, as well as for different uses, whether you are an occasional swimmer or a competitive swimmer that swims at the highest level.

Types of swimming goggles

In our different models of swimming goggles you will find a wide variety of styles and types that will adapt perfectly to any types of faces and uses. Either you are swimming at the highest level in swimming or going for an outdoor swim, we have a type of goggles for you. 

Our competition goggles are manufactured with ultra-strong resistant lenses and hydrodynamic shape in order to provide safety and reduce water friction, which will improve your performance. To provide the best vision in any light conditions, we offer wide vision lenses with clear, mirrored, tinted or coloured lenses. 

For leisure or occasional swimmers, we also have comfortable fitting swim goggles with wide and clear lenses which are also perfect to use on the beach. We have some of the most comfortable goggles in the market. Our new exclusive adjustable fit will provide a cushioned comfort every time you swim. Moreover, our flexible frames will adapt naturally to the contours of your face for a perfect fit. 

Our swimming goggles are designed to provide the best swimming conditions and comfort. We only use the best materials such as the ultra-strong lenses and liquid silicone frame to ensure the best fit, maximum durability and safety to the users. All of our swim goggles are resistant to chlorine and UVA rays (SPF +50 resistance) so the colors are very durable.