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Backpacks and Swimming Bags

The best Swimming bags and backpacks

Swimming bags are an essential element to carry all the accessories and equipment necessary for a proper practice of swimming.

Depending on the type of swimming practiced, some accessories or others will be required. Thus, the size and capacity of the swim bag will be chosen according to the type of training. It is very important to choose the right bag, with enough pockets and compartments so that you don’t damage your equipment and accessories.

The equipment that cannot be missing in a swimming bag is undoubtedly the swimsuit, goggles, cap, flip-flops and towel. It is advisable to always carry a pair of each item to be prepared for any setback!

Or swimming bags and backpacks are made of high quality fabrics to ensure resistance and durability in the most humid environments. They include spacious compartments along with ventilation systems to ensure quick drying when storing wet equipment.

The built to last swimming bag

A swimming bag is ideal for swimmers that train for long hours or compete. Our bags have a large main space for all the swimwear and accessories that you need to carry, as well as a zippered side compartment to allow for additional organization.

Our special zippers ensure quick and easy access to your equipment. This bag also has two D-shaped handles that can be attached with a zipper and a long shoulder strap.

All our styles are very lightweight and functional. They also include mesh venting for a quick dry of your wet gear. The sports backpack is a great ally for people with multiple activities and serves as a travel bag as well as a sports bag, always a practical choice.

Key features of our swim backpack styles

We offer different models with different sizes and designs. Our wide variety of swimming backpacks will allow you to choose the perfect style for you. We offer plain colored swim bags along with multi colored styles for a more colorful style. 

In Turbo we focus on quality but also comfort, so each swim bag is built with comfort seams and soft materials to provide maximum durability. In addition, each swim bag is always tested by professionals in order to certify each design and new functionality. 

Explore our new range of backpack and discover our new styles such as the Phoenix, Nona, Sedna, and many more!