Polyester & Lycra Swim Caps | TURBO

Lycra & Polyester Caps

This Turbo cap is made of Polyester or Lycra (according to product description). It is a very elastic product with a really nice and soft touch. It is a perfect option for those looking for a good grip but without excessive pressure on the head. It protects the scalp from the chlorine chemicals in swimming pools. The prints are resistant to chlorine, UV rays and seawater.                                                                 

Details to consider:

  • - 100% Polyester / Lycra / Latex (depending on model)
  • - Perfect for indoor and outdoor pools
  • - Elastic for a secure and adaptable fit
  • - Special ergonomic cut for the head
  • - Maximum adhesion                              

Recommended use:

Perfect for the practice of Swimming. Designed for daily use when training or during other recreational water sports. It is not recommended for use in competitions or professional events.