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Men’s Drag Suit

The Turbo Drag Suit is designed to increase water resistance when training. Our special cut offers a great adaptability to the body, which makes it a very comfortable option for regular training in the swimming pool. Our Drag Suits for men guarantee maximum comfort and durability. It is made with the most resistant anti-chlorine PBT in the market.

Discover our wide range of men’s drag suits

Are you looking for a men's drag suit and you can’t find the perfect one for you? We have a wide range of prints with vivid colourways that will make it easy for you to choose. All our designs are 100% unique and original.

Our Drag suits have a similar sizing as other brands. Therefore, we recommend choosing the same size that you usually use, but taking into account that this sizing is slightly bigger if compared to the Turbo Water Polo suits section, which are usually smaller than usual.

In addition, all of our drag suits are salt water, chlorine, and UV resistant, with SPF+50 protection, making them ideal to use in outdoor pools and on the beach, aside from indoor swimming pools. Also, thanks to our carefully sourced materials, the bright colors won't fade away and will stay longer than other brands.