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Water Polo Balls


Are you a water polo player? If this is the case, we have the perfect ball for you. Turbo offers you the best water polo balls in the market. Turbo is the official and exclusive distributor of KAP7 in Europe and many other countries. 

KAP7 water polo balls are considered to have the best quality, grip and durability in the world. In addition, Turbo also offers other related products such as Inflatable water polo goals, game flags, coach whistles, water polo tactic boards and many more.

What are the specifications of these water polo balls

KAP7 and Turbo water polo balls are specially designed for daily training or for professional Water Polo games. Water polo balls have a HydroGrip rubber surface that allows a perfect grip during the games. This compound is registered and patented and there is no other brand or manufacturer that uses this same ball grip. 

These balls are used during professional competitions and KAP7 is the official ball of many international events and tournaments. 

There are many different sizes available; size 5 for Men, size 4 for Women, Junior size, size 3 for Kids (School), size 1 or Toy balls. All of them are resistant to chlorine, UV rays and sea water. They can be used in indoor or outdoor swimming pools.

Every single water polo ball has been tested by professionals before production.

Recommended use of Water Polo balls

Turbo water polo ball offers a super grip for better sensitivity and hand feeling when grabbing the ball. This ensures a more effective control of the ball and an accurate passing and shooting. This ball is perfect for both training sessions and games. For this reason, it is the ball chosen by the major competitions and the best leagues in the world.

Details to consider:

- Official measures

- Approved by LEN and FINA

- Subject to strict quality control 

- Product for training and professional games

Turbo and KAP7 have been partnered for more than 10 years and have been working side by side for a long time. They are both considered to be the two best brands in the Water Polo game.