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Women's Swimming Swimsuits

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The new generation of swimsuits for women

¿Are you looking for the best women's swimsuits? Then you are in the right place. Whether you need a swimsuit for training or competition, you will find what you need from our wide range of swimsuits for women. 

We guarantee the best quality and comfort in all swimsuits. We use the latest technology to produce our swimwear and only the best materials and anti-chlorine fabrics to ensure a long durability even for daily use, both in the pool and in salty water.

All of our women's swimsuits are specially designed for all types of water sports, such as water polo, swimming or synchronized swimming, among many others. From our different patterns, you will be able to choose a style according to your preferences: thin strap, wide strap, long leg, bikinis, tight swimsuits, thongs, etc.

Revolution, the improved line of thin strap women’s swimsuits

Our Revolution women’s swimsuits are one of the most used and most loved suits that we offer. The main characteristic that differentiates those swimsuits for women from the other models and patterns, is the comfortable pattern and resistant thin strap.

Revolution women’s swimsuits fit perfectly to the body, providing total freedom of movement and flexibility. It covers less part of the shoulder than the classic wide strap swimsuit. 

The Revolution swimsuits by Turbo are an improved version of the original thin strap model. They are designed with a double front lining. It is the perfect style for training both in indoor and in outdoor pools, or even in open water.

Discover Turbo Revolution one piece women’s swimsuits

Discover all our Revolution women’s swimsuits available on our site. We have hundreds of colors, designs and patterns to make sure some will fit your tastes and preferences. In Turbo you will find a perfect swimsuit crafted to last longer than any other one piece swimsuits.  They are extremely resistant to long exposure to chlorine, salt water or sunlight. 

We only produce the best products and that is the reason why a lot of international teams and professional swimmers choose Turbo swimwear for their daily use.