Pool Backstroke Flags

Turbo’s Backstroke flags

Swim flags are an important equipment that all pool facilities should have. They are an essential part of any swimming competition or swim practice, used by swimmers, and coaches. It is a requirement to have swimming flags in any swimming pool that hosts swimming competitions or has lane swimming as an activity option.

Thanks to the backstroke flags, all swimmers are able to perfect flip turns and finishes, calculating how many strokes it takes to swim from the swim flags to the pool wall.

Discover the best backstroke flags

Turbo’s backstroke flags are the best swimming flags in the market. They are made with an ultra resistant polyester that is built to last in outdoor environments. Our flags are chlorine resistant and salt waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about their durability.

Discover our wide variety of swim flags with bold prints and plain colors. These designs will last very long due to the durable materials, so the colors won’t fade away easily.

We offer a wide range of sizes: 17 meters, 21 meters, 26 meters, 28 meters and 30 meters. This way we ensure that our clients will find the perfect fit for their swimming pools.