Men's Swimwear

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Men's Swimwear

Turbo swimsuits for men have been designed to guarantee maximum comfort and durability, both in the pool and in salt water. One of the remarkable characteristics of the Turbo swimsuits is their versatility. There is a wide variety of styles for both training and competition. The swimsuits are perfect for practicing all kinds of water sports: swimming, water polo, triathlon, artistic swimming, and many more.

You will find your perfect swimsuit in our wide collection of multiple styles with a perfect fit thanks to the Turbo Comfort Fit technology. Discover the swimsuit that best suits your style and use our: swimsuit slip, supetank, jammer, boxer, dragsuit, among many others.

Choose from our unique swimsuit designs and playful colors to create a unique look for the pool.

The perfect men’s swimsuit for every style

At Turbo, we have several types of styles, each of them designed to achieve maximum comfort and performance in each swimming sports discipline.

Choose your Turbo men's swimsuit:

- Water polo suits: Perfect if you are looking for a men's brief type swimsuit for the practice of water polo. These are double-lined swimsuits (front and back) with a perfect ergonomic adjustment in order to avoid the opponent's grip in water polo matches. It does not carry water when swimming so it is also great for daily use in swimming practice.

- Swimming suits: Specially designed for swimming, both in the pool and in open water at sea. It has a double layer of front lining with anti-chlorine fabric, which makes it the perfect training swimsuit. Maximum comfort in a swimsuit that does not exert much pressure on the body, which makes it easy to use for several hours.

- Boxers: Men's Turbo suits in boxer’s style. Perfect for those who prefer a mid-cut swimsuit with a fully adjustable pattern. It adapts perfectly to the curves of the body thanks to its top quality fabrics.

- Super Tank: Swimsuits designed for training in the pool or sea. Men's swimwear with single front lining, which makes them a very comfortable style for everyday’s use. Side length of 14 or 16 cm, which places their leg cut between the briefs and the boxers.

- Jammer: For those who prefer a mid-leg swimsuit that is longer than boxers. The cut reaches the top of the knee. Swimsuit with partial front lining specially designed for the practice of indoor or outdoor swimming.

- Drag Suit: Men's swimsuit with a special mesh fabric designed to increase its resistance when in contact with water. Its special Comfort Fit adjustment makes the Turbo Drag Suit ideal for those swimmers who want to enhance drag exercises underwater.