Junior Swimwear

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Turbo kids swimsuits

Turbo swimsuits for kids are specially designed for the youngest members of the family. They are made from special fabrics to ensure the best comfort while providing long durability. They are designed for any use in swimming or any other water sports. They are the perfect suit for your children, with high comfort, durability, and unique colorful designs. 

If you're looking for a quality children's swimsuit, Turbo is definitely the brand for you. We have a long history of manufacturing top quality swimwear for kids. Our more than 60 years of experience have allowed us to develop one of the most looked for swimsuits for the young ones. 

Whether your child is into swimming or any other water sport, our swimsuits are specially designed to meet all their needs.  We use the best materials on the market with quick-drying properties to make them perfect for everyday use.

The most durable kids swimsuits

Thanks to our latest advancement in manufacturing and the use of special high quality fabrics, the durability of our swimwear is the longest in the market and doesn't suffer from peeling, as most other swimming brands for children do. 

At Turbo, all of our swimsuits are chlorine resistant and can perfectly withstand salt water, as they are made with special high durable fabrics. Our children's swimsuits have UV protection with SPF+50, so they are also perfect for beach and outdoor pools usage. That’s our secret formula to ensure that all our swimsuits remain in perfect condition throughout their use, keeping the intensity of their colors much longer.

Wide variety of designs, colors and prints

At Turbo, we offer a wide range of swimsuits for kids, with over 1.000 different designs and prints to make sure that you will find a perfect swimsuit for your children. Our designs are 100% unique, so you will find different colors and fun patterns: animals, flags and countries, movies, comics, plain, among many other types of prints.

In Turbo's online store you will find a wide range of kids swimwear, including boy briefs, boy swim boxers and jammers, one-piece swimsuits for girls, two-piece swimsuits (mini bikinis), bikini bottoms only, or competition swimsuits. Always ensuring a perfect fit for every type of body.

If you're looking for the perfect kids’ swimwear, we're sure you'll find it at Turbo!