The composition of the fabric and the shape of the swimsuit are identical in both cases. The only difference is that the Water Polo swimsuit has an inner lining on both the front and the back. However, the Swimming suit only has the lining on the front.

This causes the Water Polo swimsuit to be tighter to the body compared to the Swimming suit. Consequently, the size of the WP swimsuit is a bit smaller. For this reason, it is recommended to select a larger size than usual if you decide to purchase a Water Polo suit (if you usually wear a size M from another brand, we suggest ordering a size L if it is a TURBO Water Polo suit). However, this does not apply to the TURBO Swimming suits, which have the same sizing as other brands.

On the website you can find different images depending on the swimsuit print. This is because in some cases the image is an illustration (representation of the swimsuit made with a computer) and in other cases the swimsuit has been photographed.

Although the shape may appear different, the reality is that both swimsuits have the same shape after manufacture. This applies to both men's and women's swimwear.

All the patterns have been carefully studied to ensure that they adapt ergonomically to the different shapes of each body.

Of course. They are called "Water Polo" swimsuits because they have been specially designed for the practice of this sport. Anyway, they can be used for recreational swimming, going to the beach, or for any other water sport.

They are considered the most resistant and durable swimsuits in the world.

Our fabric has been scientifically tested to withstand the most extreme conditions. The tests carried out certify that our fabric can perfectly withstand chlorine chemicals in water and abrasion from sun exposure. With the passage of time and the habitual use of the garments, the brightness and color of the swimsuit is not lost. We use the best raw material on the market in order to guarantee a long product life.

It is for this reason that our swimsuits are Made in Spain. In this way we can ensure the best quality of cut and manufacture of the garment.

TURBO swimsuits are considered by many to be the toughest swimsuits in the world.

There are two types of product images in our website: illustrations and pictures of physical samples. If you are looking at an illustration (computer-made design), the color differences with the final product will be very small. The finished product is always better than the illustration seen on the screen. In other words, the brightness, color and saturation of the design is higher in physical products, making them more vivid and beautiful.

In order to maximize the useful life of the product, we recommend following the washing and drying instructions described in the footer section of the website called "Use& Maintenance". In this way we ensure that the fibers of the fabric will remain in the best possible condition so that you will be able to enjoy the swimsuit for a longer time.

Below we detail the opinion of our experts regarding the pattern and sizing of the different patterns available on the web:


  • - Slip Water Polo: It is an ideal swimsuit for swimmers who want to wear the garment well attached to the body. With double front and rear inner lining.

  • - Swimming Brief: Same swimsuit as the Water Polo but with a single front lining. For this reason the swimsuit does not put as much pressure on the body.

  • - Boxers: Half-leg swimsuit (28 cm high approx). Something more conservative by covering more the leg and the groin area.

  • - Super Tank: Swimsuit with an intermediate lateral height between the Brief and the Boxer. The side measures about 14 cm (twice that of a normal brief). It is a very popular swimsuit in the European Nordic countries.

  • - Jammer: Long swimsuit that reaches the area above the knee. It has a more conservative cut compared to the other patterns.

  • - Drag Suit: Drag swimsuit made with a mesh fabric. When swimming, it causes more resistance by dragging more water and, consequently, the training is more intense.


  • - Revolution Swimsuit: Improved version of the traditional Thin Strap swimsuit. More ergonomic back shape for more comfort when swimming.

  • - Wide Strap Swimsuit: Wide strap swimsuit that offers better support than the thin strap and exerts less pressure on the shoulder. Sometimes it can be more comfortable.

  • - Sirene Swimsuit: Swimsuit with a back inspired by Synchronized Swimming. Offers a lot of freedom of movement. And it can be perfectly used for swimming practice.

  • - Thin Strap Swimsuit: Classic swimsuit with thin strap.

  • - Teen swimsuit (within the Fine Strap category): Swimsuit with a fine strap without a front lining.

  • - Relax swimsuit: Swimsuit with a more covered back. It also has more capacity than other swimsuits and suits all types of bodies in a better way.

  • - Senior & Master swimsuits: Perfect for adult women who want a pattern that adapts to the curves of the woman's body.

  • - Bikini: Different patterns available. Perfect for swimming or for use on the beach.

  • - Water Polo swimsuits: Specially designed for the practice of this sport. It has a fully closed back with an adjustable zipper.

  • - Long Leg Swimsuit: More conservative style with mid-leg pants. Perfect for more conservative or wealthy women.

** Note that all these swimsuits can be used for recreational use or for professional use, as they are garments made with the best raw material on the market.

Correct. Each of the components necessary for the manufacture of a swimsuit has a certification of compliance with the European ecological regulations. In other words, we use raw materials (fabric, yarn and other components) that are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO- TEX®, which is the world's leading eco-label for textile products.

In addition, with this certification, it is ensured that textile products do not contain any type of substance that is harmful to health. At the business level, we have an environmental policy plan implemented. The administration of the company is in accordance with our most absolute commitment to the environment, always seeking to minimize the generation of waste.

Within each product page on our website, you will see the "Size Guide" just below the sizes of the swimsuit. By clicking on it, you will be able to see the table with the measurements so that you can select the most suitable size for you.


More than 5,000 swimsuits with different designs are available on the website. This makes it impossible to have all of them in stock in all sizes. If so, this would mean having more than 1 million items in stock waiting for an order for that swimsuit in that size to arrive.

Consequently, a large part of the swimsuits are manufactured as soon as an order is confirmed through the website. Our great competitive advantage lies in the wide variety of patterns available. We do not work with seasons (spring / summer) but our designs are timeless and will always be available. In this way, the most nostalgic swimmers will always be able to acquire a vintage design that is more than 10 years old. At the same time, every week we launch new swimsuits with funny and groundbreaking designs.

For this reason, swimsuits must be specially manufactured to satisfy our customers. This process involves the digital printing of the swimsuit, the transfer on the fabric and the subsequent making and sewing of the garment. It is a practically manual process that requires time in order to guarantee a garment of the highest quality.

In other words... it is often said that good things are worth waiting for.

However, we also have many swimsuits in stock in our general warehouse. In the case that you buy the same swimsuit that we have available at that right moment, we will ship it to you straight away.

As for the accessories, they are always all in stock. So if you purchase it through the website, that will always be available in our warehouse and will be sent automatically when we receive your order online.

We ship worldwide. Without exception. We want to bring our products to all corners of the world. For this reason, we offer free shipping for orders over € 70 to make this possible.

We recommend sending an email with the order confirmation code (9-letter combination) to the following email: [email protected].

In this way, your claim will be dealt with directly by the person in charge of solving incidents related to online orders.


Of course. We can customize all kinds of products for a single person (that means 1 single unit). We take care of the development of the design following the instructions or taste of the client. You just have to send an email to [email protected] and we will contact you to get it started.

Or you can also use our tool in the "Personalization" category to send us a first idea of ​​the design so that we can then refine it to your liking. Payment of the personalized order is made via bank transfer as soon as the design is definitively confirmed.

You just have to get in touch via email with the following email: [email protected]. The price per product, and therefore the total budget, may vary depending on the total quantity of the order.

Our team of designers will take care of the entire creative process. It is enough that you send us your logo or tell us the colors of your team. Our designers will send you various design proposals so that you can choose the one you like the most.

On the other hand, we work with all kinds of clients - whether they are professional clubs, amateurs, or simply a group of friends who want to wear a uniformed kit.

We customize products for all types of water sports that require the use of a swimsuit or a complementary accessory. We have clients of all kinds and we adapt our designs according to the sport or style that each client in particular requests.

Among the sports that we most frequently receive requests for customization, we highlight the following: Swimming, Water Polo, Triathlon, Synchronized Swimming, Underwater Hockey, Jumping, Snorkeling and Crossfit.


Yes. It is totally safe. Our online address begins with HTTPS and therefore it is guaranteed that all the information transmitted when making the payment is properly encrypted.

In other words, your card details and your password are protected by this security system (through the SSL protocol) from the moment they are entered and are in no way sent to our company.