Cookies policy

By acessing turboswim.com website, the user consents that TURBO may use cookies.

The cookies are data that we store and retrieve information about browsing habits of the user.

In particular, the user consents that turboswim.com can use the following cookies:

  According to the entity:

•   Own: they are sent to the terminal from a domain or managed by turboswim.com.

•   Third party: they are sent to the terminal from a computer or domain managed by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies.

According to the time period:

•   Session: store data while the user accesses the web page.

•   Persistent: collect data in the terminal and are accessed and managed during a defined period.

According to purpose:

•   Technical: allow navigation through the website and the use of different services.

•   Customization: when accessing the service based of predefined features.

•   Analysis: to follow up and behavior analysis of the web traffic.

•   Advertising and advertising: allow the management of promotions and store behavior data of the user through the continuous analysis of browsing habits.

The user can modify the browser to accept or reject the cookies.

For additional information related to the use of cookies, you can send an email to [email protected]