Women's Swimwear

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Turbo women's swimsuits are designed for both training and competition. Quality and comfort are guaranteed. All swimsuits have anti-chlorine fabric and offer great durability for daily use both in the pool and in salt water.

Discover our women swimsuits specially designed for all types of water sports, such as water polo, swimming or synchronized swimming, among many others. Choose a style according to your preferences from our different patterns: wide strap, thin strap, long leg, bikinis, tight swimsuits, thongs, etc.

Types of women's Turbo swimsuits

At Turbo we have a wide variety of women's swimsuits with unique designs and never-seen-before colors:

- Thin strap: This style fits perfectly to the body and provides total freedom of movement and flexibility. Its main characteristic is that it covers less shoulder than the classic wide strap swimsuit. It has a double front lining and it is the perfect style for training in both indoor and outdoor pools. The “Revolution” swimsuits by Turbo are a variant of the thin strap model, which stand out for their improved pattern and great comfort.

- Wide strap: A swimsuit that stands out for its great comfort since it exerts less pressure on the shoulders and prevents friction during prolonged workouts. This swimsuit offers a perfect fit and a high level of support thanks to its Turbo Comfort Fit.

- Sirene: Women's swimsuit inspired by artistic swimming. It is designed with thin intertwined straps at the back that break with the traditional style of women swimwear. Its innovative design provides total freedom of movement and excellent flexibility.

- Relax: A pattern that covers a big part of the back and becomes one of the most comfortable options of the all the women's swimsuits from Turbo. It is available in a narrow or culotte format, which covers a bigger part of the hips.

- Senior & Master: Turbo's range of swimsuits with a more conservative cut, designed for women that look for a comfortable and practical swimsuit for swimming. In this category there are also swimsuits for pregnant women.

- Bikinis: Two-piece swimsuits that are made up of a top and a bottom. Our bikinis for women are perfect for both the pool and the sea. Discover hundreds of designs and thong bottoms swimsuits in this section.

- Water polo swimsuits: Turbo's range of women's swimsuits specially designed for water polo. These are one-piece swimsuits with wide straps for perfect support and performance at the highest level. It is the perfect swimsuit for training or competition.

- Long leg: Women's Turbo mid-cut swimsuits that provide a fully ergonomic fit and greater coverage.