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Turbo’s Jammers are designed to be used by both professional and occasional swimmers. Our men’s swimming jammers are designed to be very adaptive and comfortable on the body. Moreover, the fabrics that we use make our Jammer special for its extreme durability and perfect fitting. It is the perfect swimsuit for either long sessions inside the swimming pool or in open water. 

Swimming Jammer features

Our swimsuits are made with special 100% anti chlorine PBT. We have developed a new pattern with a drawstring waist for an enhanced fit and security. It allows the jammer to adapt perfectly to different body shapes, improves the comfort feeling and enhances your performance. Besides that, our jammers have quick drying properties and amazing durable colors, which means our swim jammers can last for years. 

Recommended use for our Jammer line

Turbo jammers swimsuits are designed to be used by professional or occasional swimmers during competitions or for daily training. These jammers are used by top record holders swimmers and professional triathletes all over the world. They are designed to be used on a daily basis over a long period of time without losing its properties. 

Our jammers have also been proven to be the perfect swimsuit style for regular usage. Although they are built to be used in competitive swimming, that only means they are designed to be as comfortable and resistant as possible. If you are a casual swimmer our jammers are a perfect fit for you.