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Mesh swim bags

Mesh bags are one of the most versatile and resistant swimming bags. Not many swimming bags can be compared to them in terms of weight or usability. A mesh swimming bag is perfect to carry your swimming essentials in a comfortable way. Also, a mesh swim bag is the perfect choice for those who like to wear lightweight stuff. In addition, a mesh swimming bag is also polyvalent -- you can use it as well for an afternoon walk, where you might need to carry a sweater and a bottle of water with you, but you don’t want to take a big and heavier bag.  

If you would like a pocket-portable, lightweight bag, a Turbo’s mesh bag is the perfect option for you.

Turbo’s mesh swimming bags unique characteristics

Mesh bags are the perfect way to carry your swimwear or swimming accessories by hand. Whenever the mesh bag is empty, you can even put it in your pocket. They almost don’t use space when folded.

The mesh fabric is UV and chlorine resistant, lightweight, fast dry and extremely breathable. So it is a perfect option to keep and carry your wet swimsuits, towels, goggles, hand paddles and many other swimming accessories.  

Turbo’s mesh swimming bags are not the regular mesh bags you know. They are profesional mesh swimming bags, designed to be able to do anything a regular mesh bag can do and more. Our mesh swim bags can carry more weight than the ordinary ones, because we have built them using a very resistant fabric. They won’t break when a regular mesh bag would, they can resist additional weight and even sharped-shaped materials will usually not tear them apart. 

The mesh bag straps are designed to be as comfortable as possible. We are aware that many mesh bags can be quite uncomfortable if the strap is too thin or too short. That’s why we use the most comfortable fabric composition to build our bags. Because of this, Turbo mesh bags can resist heavy weights when many different products are kept inside.

All Turbo products have been successfully tested by professional swimmers and Water Polo players. The quality of our products is our top priority.