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Gafas de Natación

Turbo swimming goggles

Discover our range of swimming goggles, designed to have the best comfort and durability in the water. We have different models that adapt to all kinds of water sports, such as swimming or synchronized swimming, triathlon, open water, and among many others. The Turbo swimming goggles can be used both in the pool with chlorine water and outside with salt water. 

Choose the style that best suits your needs and preferences. There are a wide variety of possibilities: swimming goggles with clear or mirrored lenses. There is also the possibility to choose from many crystals of various colors. 

Turbo swimming goggles are made with the best raw material on the market: liquid silicone and other materials that ensure great resistance to chlorine and daily use. You can also find glasses with adjustable nose bridges, among many other possibilities.

If you want to avoid having sore and red eyes after a training session in the pool, quality swimming goggles will be an essential part of your swimming gear. Comfort is essential when doing long training sessions. 

At Turbo we have a wide range of pool goggles for all types of users: children or adults; as well as for different purposes, whether you are an occasional swimmer or a competitive swimmer practicing swimming at the highest level.

All kinds of swimming goggles

Among our different models of swimming goggles you will find a wide variety of styles and types that adapt perfectly to any face and use. You'll find both pool goggles with quick-adjust straps, and swim goggles with one-piece frames or adjustable nose bridges. Plus, to provide the best vision in all possible light conditions, we offer our best pool goggles with multiple lens options: clear, mirrored, tinted, or tinted.

In our range of swimming goggles, you will also find competition goggles. These glasses are made with ultra-resistant lenses and designed with hydrodynamic shapes that reduce friction in the water, which will improve your performance. 

For casual or recreational swimmers, we also have swim goggles that fit comfortably with large, clear lenses that are perfect for beach wear too.

The best swimming goggles for children and adults

Nuestras gafas de natación están diseñadas con el objetivo de ofrecer comodidad y las mejores sensaciones en la práctica de la natación. En su fabricación, solo utilizamos los mejores materiales: lentes de alta resistencia y monturas de silicona líquida para garantizar el mejor ajuste, la mayor durabilidad y la mayor seguridad posible para los deportistas. Todas nuestras gafas de natación son resistentes al cloro y a los rayos UVA (SPF +50), por lo que los colores son super duraderos. A su vez, las lentes están diseñadas para ofrecer el mayor rango de visibilidad posible. 

We test our swimming goggles with professionals from the world of swimming, so that they use them both in training and in competition and give us a professional opinion on their fit and performance. Based on these tests and your feedback, we improve our models and achieve very high levels of quality. We constantly seek to improve our pool goggles, as well as the rest of our products, always using the latest technology.