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Thin Strap Swimsuits

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Thin strap swimsuits for women

Turbo thin strap swimsuits are specially designed for recreational or competitive swimming. The back of this swimwear pattern provides total freedom of movement and flexibility to the swimmer who is wearing it. This swimsuit is extremely comfortable and can be used for long training sessions in indoor swimming pools or outdoor open water events.

All Turbo swimsuits are made with anti chlorine fabric with the best fabric of the world. They are considered to be the most durable swimsuits because of the quality of its materials. Turbo swimsuits are the choice of many national teams and professional swimmers. 

Turbo’s thin swimsuit characteristics

All Turbo thin strap swimsuits are made of the best fabric on the market, making them one of the toughest swimsuits in the world. All swimsuits are made with a double front lining and reinforced seams, which make them extremely resistant and tough. The colorful prints and designs are resistant to chlorine and saltwater, and to the UV rays. Quality, design, comfort and durability are the most important things that were taken into consideration when developing this swimsuit pattern. 

Thin strap swimwear recommended use

Turbo’s thin strap swimsuits are ideal for regular swimming. Thanks to its perfect body adaptability, which makes them extremely comfortable, it can be used during long training sessions and used on a daily basis. On the one hand, its high resistance makes them ideal to be used for demanding and extreme sports like triathlon, open water sports, etc.

The thin strap swimsuit is also ideal for sunbathing. Overall, they are one of Turbo best sellers because of the top quality of all the different parts of the swimsuit – fabric, thread, inner lining, colors, print quality, etc.