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Tapones y Pinzas de nariz para natación

Ear plugs & nose clips for swimming

Ear plugs and nose clips are important swimming accessories. Turbo’s ear plugs and nose clips are designed to help keep the water out of your ears. At the same time it helps to block out any unwanted noise so that you can focus on your swimming routine. It is an accessory that will help you to make your swim more comfortable, and  prevent long term bacterial infection from water becoming stuck in the ear canal.

If you do not use a nose clip, water can easily slip through your nose if it is not properly protected. For a very low price, Turbo nose clips can prevent you from accidently breathing while swimming. 

That's why these swimming accessories are very important for regular swimmers. These products can be used for occasional or professional swimming.

Turbo’s swimming ear plugs

At Turbo we have designed a large variety of silicone ear plugs for swimming and in different sizes (adult and junior). They provide a secure and comfortable fitting.

Turbo ear plugs for swimming are made with silicone material, which is extremely flexible and adapts to different ear shapes. Quality is our focus and this is why we just produce swimming accessories with the best materials in the market. All our products are chlorine resistant and can be used in open water swimming or triathlons or any other aquatic sport. 

Turbo’s nose clips for swimming

Turbo swimming nose clips will always get their job done and are made with top quality materials. They are used by top worldwide teams of artistic and synchronized swimming. They have the perfect sizing and offer comfort and durability to the swimmers.

If you have trouble holding your breath underwater or you practice underwater sports regularly, our nose clips for swimming can help you spend longer times underwater without problems.