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Reusable hygienic mask with fabric with benefits equivalent to the FFP2 standard (Test ITEL-11339)

The mask is made of double-knit fabric for greater protection. The fabric of the inner layer has properties equivalent to the FFP2 standard and acts as an air filter. See below all the details of the test results of this material (ITEL Test- 11339). Even if it does not have the IPE (Individual Protection Equipment) approval, we currently are in the process of obtaining such certification.

We guarantee a minimum of 25 washes, so it is cheaper than any disposable mask

The mask will not loss its filtering properties during that time. In order to enlarge the lifetime of the product, we recommend washing it with neutral detergent at a temperature of up to 60ºC and even iron it (at 140º maximum for 10-15 seconds approx.).

Materials and certificate by ITEL of the inner layer

The mask has the following composition:

1. Outer layer:

  • · 82% polyamide - 18% lycra.
  • · Double knit fabric for greater protection.
  • · Light and resistant at the same time.

2. Inner layer, correspondence to FFP2:

  • · 100% cotton.
  • · Hypoallergenic and comfortable.
  • · Meets the specifications of the new UNE 0065 standard (hygienic masks)
  • · Efficiency of aerosol filtration over 94% - according to UNE-EN 14683 (surgical masks)
  • · Particle filtration efficiency over 96% according to the UNE-EN149 standard (FPP2 filtration equivalent)
  • · Resistance to the penetration of liquids and bacteria, complies with the provisions of EN-13975
  • · It also resists abrasion, breakage and tension according to EN-13795 standard

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